Subsidies For Loans For The Construction Of Energy-Efficient Houses

The beginning of 2013 will provide a lot of changes in the mortgage loan subsidy offer. The key is the completion of the “Easy Loan” program, ie co-financing for marriages, single parents or unmarried persons who planned to buy a house or flat.

One of the programs that will replace “Easy Loan” is the project “Subsidies for loans for the construction of energy-efficient houses”. The new subsidy program will encourage greater caution when designing a residential building in terms of its energy demand.


The goal of the program

The goal of the program

The assumptions of the new subsidy program were presented by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The goal of the program is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 50,000 tons per year. The project would last from 2013 to 2018 and at that time 300 million zlotys will be available to investors. Experts have calculated that every borrower could receive a surcharge of up to 30,000. gross PLN for houses and up to 15 thousand. PLN gross in the case of credited apartments that meet the stated conditions.

Individuals who build a single-family house or buy from the developers a single-family house or an apartment in a multi-family building can apply for the mortgage loan. One of the basic conditions is that the buildings meet certain energy efficiency criteria. The amount of the surcharge will be higher the lower the rate of demand for usable energy (NF) needed to heat the house / flat can be obtained. You will be able to apply for the maximum surcharge if you obtain the NF15 indicator (EUco ≤ 15 kW / h).

Therefore, investors and developers are increasingly and increasingly willing to use innovative construction technologies that help to obtain the appropriate thermal protection parameters for buildings, and thus reduce the demand for energy and reduce CO2 emissions.


Manufacturers of building materials 

Manufacturers of building materials 

Manufacturers of building materials must meet this demand and prepare their offer so that customers will find products that meet their expectations and allow to obtain the best thermal parameters of the property.

Manufacturers of construction chemicals noticed changes in investors’ awareness, not only in the area of ​​selecting thicker thermal insulation materials, but more importantly more frequent purchase of a complete insulation system from a single manufacturer.

The use of one brand on the façade gives the best insulation and durability parameters for the whole insulation and, hence, the aesthetics of the façade.


Before the new program

energy efficiency in houses

“Subsidies for building loans for energy-efficient houses” comes into force, it can not be unambiguously determined whether this type of project will stimulate and sell products that improve energy efficiency in houses, but it can be said with full conviction that this movement will be conducive to the development of passive housing, which in 2020 it will have to be a standard.

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