Payday loans online direct lender -Direct payday loans: Check out our advances

Direct payday loans: Check out our advances

At GreenTouch you can take a direct payday loan if you need money. It is an ordinary private loan, but loan amounts are basically at the same level as microloans.

This lender is an option if you do not need that much money but want a repayment period of at least one year, in the style of other private loans. However, a longer maturity means that in the long term you will have to pay more in interest.

If you have a Bank ID, you can borrow a little extra quickly because you do not have to bother with paper that is sent home and that you then have to sign and submit. You sign it all digitally instead and can get your money a few days earlier.

You can choose quite freely how much you want to borrow between SEK 3,000 and SEK 15,000 and you can also choose maturity between 1 – 5 years. However, you must always choose even thousands. If you have chosen a slightly lower amount, you can later choose to increase the size of the loan up to the maximum limit of SEK 15,000.

Payment-free months

During the loan term, you are entitled to two payment-free months each year. This means that you do not have to repay the loan these months or pay the interest on that month. However, you will not get rid of the interest, but instead, it is placed on the remaining debt so that you can pay it later. The loan is then also extended by one month for each payment-free month you take.

The conditions for this are that you cannot have your first month as a free month and you also have to wait at least four months between each free month.

Conditions for borrowing money from Chavez

To be able to get a loan from Chavez you must be at least 20 years old or at least 20 years old during this year. You need an income of some kind, but there are no definite conditions that say exactly how big it should be. The important thing is that money comes in some way – for example through service, pension or business.

You can also borrow from Chavez with payment notes. As long as your finances are fully approved you can even be approved to borrow despite remarks. However, you may not have any active debt with Kronofogden so be sure to manage your finances.

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