Economy.- Treasury warns that PP-PSOE and Government-CCAA agreements are necessary for financing reform

Economy.- Treasury warns that PP-PSOE and Government-CCAA agreements are necessary for financing reform


The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has warned that in order to carry out a reform of the regional financing model, it must “reach consensus” and reach “a compromise” between the PP and the PSOE, but, “previously”, another between the Government and the autonomous communities.

In response to an urgent interpellation presented by the PP in the control session to the Government in Congress, Montero has said he will work “tirelessly” to try to achieve this consensus, to provide citizens with an improvement in health financing , education, social services or dependency.

The deputy spokesman of the PP in the Commission of Property of the Congress, Jose Vicente Marí, has loaded against the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, for not having taken “nor a week” in “stopping in dry” to his minister in matter of financing autonomic, in “disavow” the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, and the rest of socialist ‘barons’ – “today in open rebellion” – and in “disavowing himself”.

“While you as a counselor had all the urgencies, now, as a minister, nothing emergencies,” Marí has ​​accused Montero, and added that they have given him “the first on the forehead”.


“The only truly urgent thing was that Mr. Sánchez was president of the Government without having obtained the majority support of the Spaniards at the polls,” continued Marí, who stressed that the current government is “dictated” by “populists and separatists “, and regretted that since the celebration of the Conference of Presidents in January 2017 has been” impossible to know a coherent and joint position “of the PSOE in regional funding.

Marí has ​​asked Montero if he agrees not to grant “compromises” or “discriminatory treatment” on any autonomous community, and he has answered: “Of course, no discriminatory concessions will be made to any territory.

Montero reiterated, as he has already done this morning when answering a parliamentary question from the Deputy Speaker of Citizens (Cs) in the Lower Chamber, Melisa Rodríguez, who will not be able to complete the reform of the regional financing in this Legislature because they must “start from zero”. According to her, the PP did not put “the first stone” in the negotiation and it is not possible to be spoken of that the question is “even in an embryonic state”.


The head of the Treasury has insisted that both the former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy and the former finance minister Cristóbal Montoro said on more than one occasion that “in the face of the independence challenge” was not “the opportune moment” to address the reform of the financing system .

Likewise, he has accused Marí of not having noticed “any point of self-criticism” in his speech, and asked him why the PP did not undertake the reform of the financing if it was “all so flat”.

According to her, Sanchez has limited himself to being “realistic” and, although he has admitted that the financing model was “expired” since 2013, he has also reproached the PP for not having done “anything” until 2017. In this way, he recalled that Rajoy undertook to reform the model in 2017, but “never complied.” Montero pointed out that the regional presidents extended their hand to the head of the former Executive in “a state issue,” but that this only promoted a committee of experts without any “political work” that would allow “articulate an answer.”

For her part, Marí pointed out that if the financing reform was not undertaken in 2014, it was because the consolidated resources were 40,000 million euros less than in 2007. “It has obviated a very important thing: the first thing that had to be done in 2011 was to save the territorial administrations from bankruptcy, “said the” popular “, and added:” What has left stupefied the whole world is that Mr. Sánchez abdicates his responsibility to continue negotiating. “


“There were here ‘barons’ from his party who came and told us that it could be done in 30 days, that we only had to do politics, Sanchez is going to dedicate himself to the photos of his hands and stretches,” the deputy said. PP.

In this regard, Montero has criticized Marí has ​​made “an idyllic story” of the previous government, and to say that the “illegitimate government” of Sanchez “has disturbed the proposal of the PP.” “Put it on the table, we have not seen it yet,” the minister urged Marí.

Finally, the minister has set out as a “road map” the quantification of the financial insufficiency of the autonomous communities, the fiscal harmonization, the distribution of income in the different levels of public administrations, or the “profound reform” of the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy to “listen with a clear voice to the approach of the different territories”.

Alcanar will pay one million to the promoter who built 32 illegal apartments

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Reach (EFE) .- The City of Alcanar must compensate with 1,068,769.03 euros to the developer Turov , who built the 32 illegal apartments in the urbanization Serramar , now in the process of demolition, before January 1. This has been determined by the Contentious Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) in a ruling handed down on October 13 and notified to the parties on October 26, to which Efe has had access.

This amount corresponds to the damages claimed by the promoter for the 8 apartments that he did not sell to third parties, after the nullity, decreed in 2006, of the planning license -Turov had come to claim up to 6.7 million to the City Council -.

The ruling of the TSJC considers that “the so dysfunctional and unlawful administrative action has been clearly harmful and effectively producing real and effective damages.” He adds: “We can say that the houses are still in reality, but what must be taken into account is that they are called to be, as soon as possible, demolished and eliminated from that reality.”

The judgment does not admit appeal for cassation before the Supreme Court, so it is firm and considers that the compensation for damages should be paid to the promoter “within 2 months” from the receipt of the communication of the sentence.

Taking into account that it was communicated on October 26, the deadline would end on December 27. Otherwise, the legal interest shall be paid plus 2 points.

“The biggest handicap”
At a press conference, and accompanied by his entire government team, the mayor, Alfons Montserrat (ERC), acknowledged the seriousness of the situation. “It is the biggest handicap Alcanar City Council has had and will probably have in a long time, which will not only mortgage this mandate, but also the next years of the immediate future of our people,” he lamented.

Foreseeing possible claims, the consistory made an early repayment of credit for a value of 1.2 million euros, which “can give a certain room for maneuver to face this future that we have before”, according to the mayor. However, Montserrat has stated that they are currently studying loan modifications or some type of loan.

As indicated, the municipal investments planned for this 2015 are not in danger, but has acknowledged that this compensation to Turov will “condition” in 2016.

More claims

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Everything indicates that the compensation for damages that the City Council will pay Turov is only the beginning of a trickle of property claims to which the City must respond in the coming years.

Although Turov SL was the first to initiate the procedure, at this moment there is already a resource from one of the owners to the administrative dispute in Tarragona. And, administratively, prior to the judicial claim, the City has already received a fortnight of claims from the rest of the owners of the 24 apartments sold.

“It is not about calling bad weather, but it is not bold to think that in a more or less immediate future we can have a faster or slower trickle of claims”, Montserrat has admitted.

As for the demolition process, the City Council has already tendered the project, now in the drafting phase, and hopes to have it finished in order to begin the bidding process of the work.

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